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        Contact us
        ZhongHang EPS Industry Group .CO ,LTD
        Email: panny@cnzheps.com
        Tel: +86-13081104778
        Skpye: dotajia
        Add:North Area, Nanlv Industrial Zone, Xinji City, China.

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        Special Pre-expander for PSF Lost Foam

         Product Introduction
        • The equipment adopts EPS polystyrene, STMMA copolymer resin and EPMMA Polymethyl methacrylate as raw material of lost foam.
        • It adopts advanced electrical and pneumatic components to ration pre-expander time, controls barrel temperature and pre-expander time automatically.
        • The machine is equipped with hot air dryer system without agglomeration and wall-sticking, raw material after pre-expander is dry and uniform which shortened the curing time of natural ageing.

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