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        Contact us
        ZhongHang EPS Industry Group .CO ,LTD
        Email: panny@cnzheps.com
        Tel: +86-13081104778
        Skpye: dotajia
        Add:North Area, Nanlv Industrial Zone, Xinji City, China.

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        Mechanical Type

            Product Name: Mechanical wire mesh welding machine
            Model: JX Series
            This type is newly designed by company, which fits the running of the 3D panel machine perfectly.
            Function Features:
            1.The machine adopts electrical and electronic syschronous control technique both welding time and cent-control welding is composed of digital and integrated electric circuit.
            2.This operation is accurate, it has stable function, firm welded point and without welded tracks. Not only welding speed is fast but also it is easy to learn and operate.
            3.The machine is equipped with precise equipment for weft cutting
            4. it is easy to regulate mesh hole and mesh opening size is rather accurate, welding aperture could adjust randomly within certain range.
            5. Detailed specifications are as followings:

        No. Main Parameter of Mechanical Type Mesh Machine
        1 Wire diameter 2-3.5mm
        2 Width of the mesh 1200mm
        3 Mesh hole 50*50mm, 100*100mm
        4 Length Any size cut by mesh cutting machine
        5 Precision meter inside- - - - length error and diagonal error: positive and negative: within 3 MM
        6 Welding speed 45times/min
        7 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phases

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