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        Contact us
        ZhongHang EPS Industry Group .CO ,LTD
        Email: panny@cnzheps.com
        Tel: +86-13081104778
        Skpye: dotajia
        Add:North Area, Nanlv Industrial Zone, Xinji City, China.

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        H Steel Door Type Submerged Arc Welding


        Product Introduction

        • This machine adopts ship type submerged arc welding. The working pieces don't moved but gentry while welding. Movement of gentry adopts frequency control;
        • The beam is equipped with two groups of guide pillars and each group of guide pillar with a set of welding heads. The up-down displacement is adjusted by electric motor and left-right displacement is adjusted by manual adjustment device;
        • The pilot arc device follows welded joints mechanically, so the quality of welded joints is very high; the welding compound can be recovered automatically, which saves labor.

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